Car Brake Repair Service in Gold coast: it is time to check the brakes!

The braking system is the most important in the car for safety purposes. It is responsible for slowing down or stopping the car in its entirety through a friction mechanism. That is why it is important to periodically check the Car brake to preserve the safety of the driver and occupants. If you find some issues, contact the Car brake repair service in Gold coast without any delay.

This service must be done in a specialized automotive workshop. At first, they inspect each of the components that make up the brake system of a car, such as the pedal, the brake fluid reservoir, the pipes and hoses, the calipers, discs, and pads. This means that the brake service for the car could vary according to the life cycle of the parts. So there is no specific time to carry it out.

or this reason, it is important to understand the braking system and the maintenance that this system entails.

Symptoms of Car Brake Wear

The easiest way to identify that there is a fault in the braking system. If the brake symbol light comes on the dashboard, you will see a circle with red sidebars. But if this does not happen, there are various symptoms with which a person can identify brake failure, such as:

  • The appearance of unusual noises or squeals when pressing the brake pedal.
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel or the brake pedal.
  • The feeling that the brake pedal is loose or, the travel is perceived as too hard.
  • If when braking, the car slightly changes the trajectory to the left or right.
  • When the car presents some inclination to either side.
  • The appearance of a burning smell near the axle of the tires.
  • If the car slows down suddenly and without pressing the pedal.
  • When notice corrosion, breaks, or visual failures in any of the parts that make up the system.

When should the brakes be checked?

If the vehicle presents any of the above symptoms, it is time to immediately contact the Car brake repair service to perform a brake check. If the car has not yet presented any type of failure, it is better to talk to an expert for any further issues. For this, you should call the Car brake repair service in Gold coast.

For example, brake linings are one of the parts that show the greatest signs of wear, and may have a lifetime ranging from 15,000 to 70,000 kilometers, depending on use. The liquid must be changed in a time no greater than 50,000 kilometers or 2 years of use, to maintain its proper level within the tank and the substance does not lose its properties.

Along with car brake repair, carrying out full vehicle maintenance is worthwhile and essential for safety purposes. To get all the information regarding vehicle maintenance, click here.

What is a Brake Check?

Follow all the tips below to carry out a satisfactory mechanical inspection.

Identify if the pipes or hoses do not present leaks, damage, or corrosion and if necessary replace them.

  • Check that the brake fluid injection pump does not show a loss of substance.
  • Inspect the calipers for water leaks.
  • Disassemble the calipers to identify a possible failure or breakage of the pistons.
  • Check the state of wear of the linings, as well as if it is irregular in any of the tires.
  • Check the proper functioning of the brake pedal.
  • Check the rotors and drums of the brake system, as well as verify that there are no signs of deformation, excessive wear, or oxidation due to the temperatures.
  • In case there is a change of brake linings or pads, replace the clips or fix the bolts.
  • Rectify the brake disc if necessary, or replace the part if it is bent or broken.
  • Carry out the corresponding maintenance to identify possible problems in the bearing of the tires
  • Lubricate brake pads and calipers with high-temperature lubricants.
  • Drain and bleed the brake fluid lines, and fill the reservoir to the required level.
  • Adjust the parking brake.
  • If any witness on the board has come on, solve the fault code to be able to turn it off.

How to extend the life of the brakes?

As we have commented on multiple occasions, this will depend to a greater extent on the driver’s driving habits. So it is recommended to drive smoothly and pay attention to the speed limits stipulated by the road, avoiding sudden acceleration or braking maneuvers. It is also recommended to use the pedal firmly and progressively at the beginning, as well as not to keep it pressed for long periods.

Take advantage of engine braking by downshifting to help slow down, without pressing the pedal. This will extend the life of each of the components.

Remember to perform preventive maintenance on your car’s brake system. It will keep it in optimal conditions, and avoid costly repairs. If you want to do Vehicle maintenance and servicing in gold coast, contact PAUL’S AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS PTY LTD.


What are the elements of the brake system?

The main ones are the brake pedal, master cylinder, flexible hoses, and metal pipes, pistons, handbrake lever, brake pads.

When to service the brakes?

The general recommendation is that brake maintenance should be done every 10,000 kilometers rotated. However, you should also pay attention to the vehicle’s manual and the signs it gives when the brakes are not working properly, such as Noise, Difficulty braking.

What wears out the brakes?

Whenever the car is suddenly braked, all the energy generated by braking is delivered to the brakes at once. As the heat dissipation process is slow, the energy accumulated in the brakes increases temperature and, a higher rate of pad wear.