Vehicle maintenance and servicing: what are its importance and its different types?

Vehicle maintenance and servicing are one of the basic procedures for the longevity of the vehicle. The lack of it can cause very serious problems not only in the car but also in the driver’s life. After all, by performing it periodically, accidents are avoided. So, finding a Vehicle maintenance and servicing centre in gold coast is worthwhile and essential for your vehicle.

What are the types of Vehicle Maintenance?

In a general context, vehicle maintenance has its main purpose to avoid possible failures or problems that may appear throughout the useful life of the vehicle. In this way, the driver can reduce the cost of a general repair to their car.

However, to save money, it is necessary to do good research. For example, maintenance performed at a dealership is usually 25% more expensive than maintenance performed by a mechanic. Therefore, it is important to analyze not only the cost but also whether the place offers quality work.

Now, let’s get to know what the types of maintenance are. Check out!

1. Corrective maintenance

This is the type of maintenance done when a part of the car breaks down or fails, preventing it from running normally. In this case, the part must be replaced or repaired.

2. Preventive maintenance

This maintenance aims to avoid a possible problem. It helps to identify which problems will appear. Preventive maintenance is usually more used in companies that have large fleets and need to be careful not to affect their production. However, vehicles tend to stall during the process.

3. Predictive maintenance

In this category, monitoring tends to be regular and covers both the mechanical and performance conditions of the vehicle. In predictive, specific instruments are used, such as:

  • thermographic cameras
  • ultrasounds
  • visual inspections, among others

It identifies problems before they appear. It is more used for ventures that have a large fleet of vehicles.

Why is Vehicle Maintenance or Servicing Important?

  1. Brakes

One of the great benefits of vehicle maintenance is the ability to check key parts of the car. Brakes are one of the most important parts of driver safety. Vehicle maintenance checks the general state of the part, such as the brake pads and fluid, preventing the disc from being damaged and the braking time from being high.

  1. Tires

The tire is another very important component for a car, contributing to its stability and ensuring grip on the ground. Problems with this part can even affect the functioning of the brakes, increasing the risk of accidents.

When performing maintenance, the driver manages to take care of important issues, such as alignment, balancing, and calibration, which are essential to prevent premature deterioration of the tire.

  1. Oil change

A good reason to perform predictive maintenance is the possibility of periodic oil changes. It is responsible for lubricating certain components of the car, ensuring their proper functioning.

It is important to know that both the lubricating oil and the oil filter need to be changed by the manufacturer’s determinations. Thanks to maintenance, this activity can be done without any problems.


Now that you know the importance of vehicle maintenance and what types exist on the market. Take your vehicle to Pauls Automotive Business Pty Ltd and carry out the proper maintenance of it.

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